The Poem "Will you come time"

We are looking at mortality or immortality; I let you be the judge. Time itself is an interesting concept so asking anyone the question elicits a personal response. Read the poem and make your own truth.

Will You Come Time

When time comes for youWill you be ready Will you be washed and cleanWill you wear fancy clothes Will your affairs be in orderWill your accounts be paid Will you rememberWill you forget Will you see When time comes for youWill you take it’s hand Will you be...

About the poem "Earth Mother"

This poem is a soulful look at how our lives are viewed from the point of nature. In nature the are no psychodramas, there is only patience and what is. And of course ithas a heartful connection to our mother, earth.

Earth Mother

I wait for your return I watch you in your play You put on your sad faceyour happy faceyour serious face You act out your psychodramas I wait for your return Beginning middle and endfuture present and past I long to hold youFor you to lay down with me again Now I look...