The poem "Nothing"

This poem is really about “Something!” Quantum physics is telling us that there is something that holds the world and universe together “It’s the stuff, the unmanifested form” and it is 99.99999999999999999999999999999999% nothing. The...


There is nothing to writeNothing to wrong There is nothing to singwe have forgotten the song There is nothing to say There is nothing to do Losing the mindfind the clue There is nothing to see There is nothing to feel Nothing to haveand nothing to steal There is...

About the poem " Earth Mother"

This poem is meant to take you to a different perspective. We all are going to lie down again in the earth. She waits watching usplay out our physcodramas and muses, and thinking “I wait for your return.” She is gentle and patient.

Earth Mother

I wait for your return I watch you in your play You put on your sad faceyour happy faceyour serious face You act out your psychodramas I wait for your return Beginning middle and endfuture present and past I long to hold youFor you to lay down with me again Now I look...

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The Suit is a way to the spirit. We must realize the miracle that we have been givenand take pride and care of our diversity. “For the next suit I give you will be beyondall you can imagine.”