About Me-Mystic Conversations

Mystic Conversations are words that come from my daily meditations that speak to the soul. I have found when asking people about their meaning they seem to have a universal quality about them(poems). I hope that you take the time to sit with them in a quiet place and explore.

“I believe all of us are on a path of learning. At certain times in our lives we start to ask the age old questions. Why are we here? Who am I? When we  really start to seek and are in earnest the answers start to come. And then the quest begins. We start to make choices based on awareness. Then we take responsibility for our lives and try to find meaning and purpose. I believe my purpose is to express myself artistically. I hope these words take you to far reaching places of your mind. Maybe even inspire!” Jim Hawks-Mystic Conversations

Mystical Poetry

Poetry is one of the most useful expressions of a mystic’s inner experiences. By nature a mystic is able to access a state of consciousness that is beyond the usual awareness of humanity. At a certain stage mystics and great seekers have said it is impossible to describe the consciousness they have attained.

However through poetry it is possible for the mystic poets to give a glimpse of higher worlds, like a finger pointing to the moon there inspiring utterances offer a poetic description of their elevating experiences.